March 27, 2017

Paulie Gloves Testimonials

Paulie Gloves

“Paul is a dynamic and knowledgeable coach. He is an incredibly patient instructor, and is able to tailor a game plan to each individual’s abilities and body types. Paul has been an irreplaceable coach and head cornerman for many fighters, ranging from amateur boxers, to stars from the Ultimate Fighter, to the current M-1 Global World Heavyweight Champion”. Dr. Brett White, Doctor of Chiropractic at National Volleyball League-Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.

“Paulie has been instrumental in the success of our whole team. His unique approach to striking offers a creative and practical system that is really difficult to defend. Futhermore, without his dedication and boundless effort, our team couldn’t have made the strides that we have made whether in real combat or in the training room”-Din Thomas, UFC Vet, Head Coach at American Top Team

“Paulie is one of the best when it comes to boxing for MMA. His style is reminiscent of Iron Mike Tyson, speed and raw power. When i trained with Paul, i was in peak condition. He was with me when I knocked out one of my opponents with devastating hooks. He is by far one of the best i have ever worked with” –Luigi Fioravanti, UFC Vet

“Paulie has helped me in the past with my boxing skills. What I liked the most was that Paulie is a boxer and I am a thai boxer, but he was open minded to train me and adjust his game to my game. That usually is hard to see on someone who has done one sport for so long. Boxers stick with boxers but instead he decided to help me.
We build up a nice bond between us. He always encouraged me to do better and keep on learning. I very much appreciate his honesty and friendship.
I fight professional muay thai, I have accomplish a world title through One Songchai (one of the most important organizations in the world), an intercontinental title through One Songchai, IKF North American Champion, 2X ISKA Champion. I recommend Paulie “Gloves” Gavoni to any fighter that is trying to improve his hands and needs an honest opinion or for someone that wants to get fit and enjoy a workout.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” Paul Marfort 

“Paul created a style that works perfect for MMA. He makes sure that he adapts to your body and the opponent has no idea what’s coming.” Marlon Georges (Pro MMA Fighter)

“Before I started training with coach Paulie I didn’t know anything about boxing or combination.  What I love about every combination is that coach always has me working the head and the body!! I Love it! I’m glad to have a coach like you and thank you for making my hands the way they are now…”Carlos Lopez (Pro MMA Fighter)

“When I met coach Paulie I had already some boxing experience but working with Paulie Gloves took my stand up game to the next level.  There is no other coach in the game today that I feel is better.  He has taught me and coached me through a lot of good and bad times I really appreciate everything he has done for me and wouldn’t train with anyone different!” Phil Bam Bam Daru (Pro MMA Fighter, Strength and Conditioning Coach for American Top Team)

“Coach Paulie, in my opinion, is one of the best in the business today. When I first started working with coach, I was a mess. Especially since most of my fight game was based on grappling. Over time he’s opened my eyes on how the standup game really works and has even gotten me to be more relaxed while striking. He has now transformed me into a better fighter and for that I cannot thank him enough!!! “Jason Gladey (Pro MMA Fighter)


“Before I started working with Paulie I considered myself a competent striker. After working with him for the past year or so I have so much confidence in my hands, He has given me the tools to deal with any opponent. Thanks for the deadly weapons coach!” Shaughn Koukos (Pro MMA Fighter)