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In 1992, Coach Paulie began boxing in South Florida and went on to win the Florida Golden Gloves Title in 1998.

In 2001, under the tutelage of renowned boxing Coach Milton Lacroix, Coach Paulie learned how to develop a fighter’s speed and punching power by employing a system that focused on natural body mechanics.

In 2003, he began specifically working with fighters on boxing for MMA at Roger Krahl’s American Top Team Sunrise where he began innovating his own adaptive system of striking.. Rather than teach fighters “his style of striking,” Coach Paulie learned to adapt styles based on the physiological, psychological, and strategic needs of each fighter for each fight.

In 2006, Paulie relocated and found a home at Din Thomas’ American Top Team Port St. Lucie where he was supported by Din and entrusted as the head boxing coach to work with a stable of Champions and Contenders on improving their “hands.”

Coach Paulie is currently the head boxing coach at the Renato Tavares Association’s Legacy Martial Arts and continues to work with fighters at American Top Team.

Considered a “Coach of Coaches,” his exposure to the “fight game” over the past 25 years coupled with deep passion and scientific knowledge enables him to create conditions that accelerate confidence and performance based on the needs of each fighter.

Along his journey in MMA, Coach Paulie has been fortunate enough to work with many elite fighters and highly regarded trainers and gyms. These fighters include, but are not limited to:
• Brad “One Punch” Pickett (UFC Legend)
• Melvin “Young Assassin” Guillard (UFC Vet)
• Matt “Danger” Schnell (UFC and TUF Vet)
• Jaime Alverez (TUF Vet)
• Rich Attonito (UFC Vet)
• TJ Cook (Strikeforce Vet)
• Luigi Fioravanti (UFC Vet)
• Kenny “Deuce” Garner (M-1 America’s Heavyweight Champ)
• Roger Krahl (2x IASKA National Kickboxing Champ)
• Mario “Big Hurt” Rinaldi (2010 FILA World Grappling Championship)
• Anthony “2 Ton Tony” Ciampa (ROAW Champ and #1 Florida Heavyweight)