April 17, 2017

Dr. Gavoni Testimonials

Dr. Gavoni

Dr. Gavoni is a transformational leader and coach that has the ability to take an overwhelming task and break it into small pieces to accomplish large goals. Dr. Gavoni uses stakeholder voice, scientific methods and data to drive what and how he addresses change. Dr. Gavoni is masterful at coaching for optimum performance allowing those around him to feel successful and supported simultaneously. Kind and generous with his time and knowledge, he is capable of helping any organization move in a positive direction. Jennifer Ullrich-Hedeen, Principal at St. Lucie County Schools

Paul is the consummate professional in any area he chooses to engage. I would highly recommend him for his leadership skills and his ability to reach our “Special Needs” population and their parents. He remains personable, yet professional when dealing with students, teachers, parents and the school communities he serves. Larry Benson, County and Family Mediator