March 29, 2017

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An expert in human performance and organizational leadership, Dr. Paul Gavoni has over 20 years supporting education and human services.
Specializing in improving climate and cultures to move stalled improvement efforts, Dr. Gavoni supports organizational, district, school, and classroom leaders with embedding processes and procedures that rapidly impact key performance indicators.
Dr. Gloves possesses a Doctorate of Education, a Specialist of Educational Leadership, and a Masters and Bachelors of Social Work.
Co-Author of Quick Wins! Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership.
Quick Wins is a methodology rooted in the science of human behavior applied to the workplace, also known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM).
By applying Quick Wins, leaders or any stakeholder will immediately engage people in any improvement or major turnaround efforts. These simple proven strategies rapidly strengthen trust in leadership and drastically improve morale while visibly moving towards established goals.
Dr. Paul Gavoni has successfully supported school leadership in multiple struggling schools with improving student achievement scores and transforming school cultures into high functioning systems in three years or less. In fact, he pioneered one of the first turnaround teams to support a school, and later collaboratively adapted these processes to create a district turnaround team to support failing schools in the turnaround process.
With experience as a professor, director of operations clinical coordinator, assistant principal, intervention manager, therapist, and behavior analyst, Dr. Gavoni brings deep experience and true passion for helping people succeed.

The fight game has taken me around the world where I have been introduced to heads of state and celebrities at many levels. If you know me, you know that people are people to me. I am no way star struck by people based on their “status” or appointed authority.
I DO respect people’s accomplishments, and I DO measure them based on how they treat and impact others, especially those who do not have authority or positional “power.
That being said, I am a huge fan of the writings by this man, Dr. Aubrey Daniels. His book, Bringing Out the Best in People, forever changed my perspective and interactions with others, whether it be when working with peers, developing talent, leading initiatives, or just trying to lend a helping hand.
We are all leaders at different times in different aspects of our life, and most of us seek to help others. The premises set forth in his book provide the foundation and common ground between any and every leadership book on the market today. Simply put, it is the science of helping people.
I am so thankful to my friend and colleague, Peggy Kirby Sewell, for introducing it to me almost a decade ago, and I am thankful to have been provided a “scholarship” by Dr. Ken Wagner to be trained by Aubrey Daniels International a few years ago.”

Nova Southeastern University: Doctorate in Education (4.0 GPA) 2014
Concentration: Organizational Leadership
Dissertation: “An Examination of the Predictive Ability of Variables Influencing a Teachers Completion of Discipline Referrals”
Nova Southeastern University: Specialist in Education (3.95 GPA) 2012
Concentration: Educational Leadership
Barry University: Masters in Social Work (3.5 GPA) 1998
Concentration: Children and Families
Florida Atlantic University: Bachelors in Social Work (3.25 GPA) 1996
Concentration: Children and Families

Indian River State College Instructor Certification
License 091212
Certification DateSep 2015 – Sep 2020

Nova Southeastern University; Doctor of Education, Organizational Leadership

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst


Applied Behavior Analysis

Applications of Behavioral Leadership